Alan Postís paintings have an inescapable Mediterranean softness and warmth. He continues to evoke an expressionistic mood and uncovers a distinctive glow of his personality. Alan demonstrates the vigor of an experienced, colorful painter and a modernist, whose contemplative humanistic painting voice and inner power create a sense of direct physical entry onto his canvas.

What are Alan Postís attributes? Sculptor and wife, Helen Post writes:

  Alan Post in his Studio, 2004, Photo by Shoka Shafiee

Alan's reservoir of memories, sketches and photographs refresh and motivate his responses as he continues to produce a seemingly unending body of work. Alan's work in this exhibition is as vigorous and colorful as ever. Like many artists, his growing technical mastery of composition and his response to the texture of paint has made him bolder in reaching out to new colors and ideas. This has more than compensated for the loss of some of the suppleness of hand and eyesight that comes with advanced age. In fact, his attention to the nuances and roles played by color are particularly evident in this new work. They reflect the introduction of a wider range of colors than are found in most of his previous paintings.

Searching for the various basics of the human experience, Alan, with a wry, but serious smile, continues to reflect elements of spontaneity and playfulness. He pays tribute to a number of Post Impressionists such as Bonnard and Cťzanne and clearly demonstrates his ability to draw from his poignant memories of 20th century European artists when he lived for extended times in Spain and portray his current surroundings of the Sacramento Valley and Carmel.

Edited by Shirley Dubnick, a new catalogue of 44 pages, Alan Post at 90, serves as an extension of Helen and Alan Post; A Painting and Sculpture Retrospective, published in 2002 which covers the artistic journey of these two dedicated and much loved California artists Helen and Alan Post. The new catalog contains a lengthy discussion by Helen Post on Alanís artistic career and his 90 years of active life.

Alan Post at 90 is a limited issue of 500 copies and is priced at $30 that includes next-day shipping in the continental US (a discounted price is available to walk-ins).  For additional information contact the Solomon Dubnick Gallery at 916.444.3868.