Maureen Hood takes collage to a new level. Each painterly vignette hints of an intimate relationship taken from a snapshot of common experience. Hood's fragmented characters illicit recognition and identification in the viewer sparking an emotional response.

"I like to play against the traditional reaction to a typical, ordinary human event by placing that event in a slightly different context. What results depends upon the observer's personal experience and response to the event, and its new perspective."

Breaking up the moment into smaller, contrasting images, Hood forces a subtle re-examination of the viewer's primal connection with the image. We are left with our own thoughts -- is it a metaphor or parody?

A native Californian, Hood received a Bachelor's degree in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis, studying with Robert Arneson and William Wiley. She continued her studies, earning a Master's Degree in Art with a Mixed Media focus, at California State University, Sacramento, tutored by William Allan and Jack Ogden. Technically inspired by the works of Romare Bearden, she draws emotional strength from her own experience and her relationship to the natural environment. Hood's work has been exhibited throughout the State and is owned by private and corporate collectors nationwide.