Rimas VisGirda

Color photograph, Copyright 1999 Rimas Visgirda

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania Rimas VisGirda currently lives in Illinois. He has taught and lectured at the university level in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and California. VisGirda has taken positions as a visiting professor for limited periods and has involved himself in residency programs throughout Europe and the United States. He received his MFA in ceramics from Washington State University in 1973. He earned an M.A. (Art) and B.A. (Physics) from California State University, Sacramento.

Ideologically the artist incorporates the influences of daily life, social interaction and physical surroundings of the working environment into his sculpture. The finished work is a combination of past and new experiences. VisGirda’s works have an irreverent attitude toward the medium of clay. There is a visual levity that attains a comic-strip look. The work states his views on life and art while at the same time, satirizing himself and society.

VisGirda exhibits widely in galleries and is the subject of many articles on ceramics for arts and crafts magazines. His works are in numerous corporate and private collections, including university galleries and museums.