John Tuomisto-Bell - Sculpture

John Tuomisto-Bell in his studio, Click for more information...

John Tuomisto-Bell in his Studio

Throughout the history of mankind, the human condition has been portrayed. John Tuomisto-Bell speaks to man coming to terms with his violent nature and searching for a new balance. In a subtle manner he derives man in four different positions: prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. A consummate craftsman, there is in his small studio the faculty to execute all aspects of the complex process of casting bronze. By controlling every element of the fabrication of his creations himself he commands a level of intimacy that more profoundly coveys his questioning around manís arrogant shortcomings, dark undercurrents and spiritual impotence. The results are powerful and come from a deep expression within this artist.

A student of the human condition, Tuomisto-Bell is involved in an ongoing investigation of the emotional differences we have as individuals and as a collective society. The artist engages viewers in a visual discussion, hoping to gain insight or a glimpse of truth by way of an unexplored revelation or an emotive discovery.

John Tuomisto-Bell received his BFA from Arizona State University, and regularly exhibits his cast bronze sculpture in the southwest. Tuomisto-Bell has extensive experience casting his own work at Arizona Bronze Foundry. The artist now casts works in a foundry built in his home studio.