Helen and Alan Post - A Painting and Sculpture Retrospective

Helen and Alan Post hold affirmed positions of artistic excellence. Throughout their 62-year marriage, each has also had a large effect upon social and political environments in California. New art works by the Posts is on exhibit in November 7-December 7 at the Solomon Dubnick Gallery. 

The coupleís fascinating personal and artistic life is the subject of a catalogue/book: Helen and Alan Post; A Painting and Sculpture Retrospective. The publication includes an introduction by Educator and Curator, Shirley Dubnick, and a historical overview written by their son David Post, featuring a chronology of unique photographs of the couple. The 120 page catalogue/book spans from 1938-2002, and contains 120 pages, over 110 illustrations is now available by Solomon Dubnick Press.  You may order by phone, 916.920.4547, fax 916.923.6356.  Price is $40.00 plus $6.00 shipping in USA only (priority) and California tax of 7.75% (CA residents only).  Signed copies available only during duration of exhibition.  Credit cards (fully protected) are accepted by phone.  Check with Gallery for shipping out of USA.  Reviews of exhibition are available upon request.

Proving that both Posts remain prolific long after retirement, the exhibition itself will feature all new work. Energy and enthusiasm to create still abound in both artists, who never seem to tire of their mediums or loose freshness or integrity for their chosen subject matter.

Helen Postís bronze works are solid and stark, expressive figures of humans and animals, who pose and contort into unlikely, and sometimes impossible configurations. Seeming to posses tribal influences, Helenís sculptures provide a sensory depiction of the figure, rather than representational.

The works of Alan Post are evocative paintings in the areas of still lifes, landscapes, and figurative works. These are made timeless through Postís intense and unyielding appreciation for his surroundings. Postís paintings are rich with both color, and personal experience of the world around him.

This exhibition and retrospective catalogue honors not only the artwork of Helen and Alan Post, but also celebrates their fruitful and well-spent lives.